Your Earth Stories
Amy | Spirit Lake, IA
October's Earth Story Winner
Kept Me Dancing All Night

I begrudgingly stopped at a the Shoe Box in Black Earth Wisconsin with my mom and grandparents on my way to my cousin's wedding. It was a 6 hour drive,...

Chanda | Kalamazoo, MI
November's Earth Story Winner
Appreciate The Easy Velcro Strap

I can never find shoes that fit. As a social worker I’m on the go and I need cute comfort. These shoes were amazing and I’m tempted to wear them during Michigan ‘s winter months!...

Lisa | New Jersey
November's Earth Story Winner
Standing All Day Take a Toll On My Legs And Feet

I’m a 55 year old hairdresser, I am always looking for comfortable, good quality shoes with arch support . Standing all day takes a toll on my legs and feet so it’s really important to have the right shoes....

Marilyn | Walnut Creek, CA
November's Earth Story Winner
Danced for Several Hours..

I've had 2 foot surgeries and comfortable, supportive shoes are very important to me. I bought these shoes for my son's wedding, and then I found a dress to go with them. I wore these shoes for 12 hours straight,...

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