It's Back!
Earth Kalso Iconic Capsule Collection

Back and better than ever! Re-introducing the original wellness shoe – Earth Kalso – style icons for a generation. Featuring three styles for women and one men’s style, the collection includes the original oxford, classic t-strap and clog. Feel the benefits of the famous Grounded Heel design for a whole-body wellness experience (formerly known as negative heel) and a Powerpath® footbed design to energize and uplift every step.

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Powerpath Footbed

The Powerpath® is precisely calculated to shift your weight in a carefully plotted and natural path, rolling from the lowered heel to the outside of your foot, across the ball of your foot, and ending with the big toe. Originally designed by Anne, after years of study and experimentation, it’s what makes Earth® Kalsø shoes so special, so powerful, so effective.

Walking is like sports or dancing – If your form is right and you know which muscles to use – you can do it well without a lot of extra force. And that’s what the Earth® Kalsø shoe is designed to do. To choreograph your walk, to concentrate your power and to focus your movement into a comfortable, enjoyable, easy walk.

1970 - 1971

The first Kalsø Earth Shoe store opened on East 17th Street in New York City, coinciding with the world’s first celebration of Earth Day. The Kalsø Earth Shoe becomes the symbol of the ‘casual revolution’ started on college campuses around the country. Comfort and wellness inform the thinking of many progressive young people nationwide.

1990 – 2000

Restoring the name its technologies, the Kalsø Earth Shoe is re-scoped and re-vitalized under a new company, Earth, Inc. New fashion-forward styling and an expanded assortment – all of which features the Kalsø Earth Shoe’s signature “negative heel” – provide the underpinnings of the new enterprise nationwide.

2001 – 2004

The Kalsø Earth Shoe is officially re-launched. Noting re-emergence, famed European shoe designer Manolo Blank, remarks in a June TIME Magazine article”…The Kalsø Earth Shoe was the first shoe to ever make a social statement.” Kalsø Earth Shoe distribution expands into markets including Canada, Japan, Italy and Australia.

Leading the sustainable footwear design evolution, Earth, Inc. becomes one of the first shoe manufactures to introduce water-based adhesives throughout 100% of its line.

2008 – Present

Reputable industry trade publication, Footwear Plus, honors Earth, Inc. with an “Excellence in Design” award. Leveraging the 40th anniversary of Earth Day, Kalsø Earth Shoes celebrates their 40th birthday.

Earth, Inc. now launches new brands, Earth Footwear and Earth Origins to their portfolio of wellness and fashion brands.


The Grounded Heel is angled at a slope to give your toes a higher elevation than your heel. This construction sinks your heels to allow for the spine to straighten, giving you better posture.

The Earth® Kalsø shoe and the Grounded Heel are not just for your feet - it’s an entire body wellness experience. Not only is the heel lower than the toes, but the entire sole is designed in a way that allows you to walk in a gentle rolling motion - and to walk easily and comfortably on the hard cement of our cities.