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Thought I was Doomed to a Life of Unattractive Shoes
Christine | Arlington Heights, IL
You have gained another very satisfied lifetime customer.

My first pair of Earth Origins shoes was purchased at a local shoe store. I was having problems with swelling of my left leg and foot due to a defective lymph gland, and had just gone through physical therapy and heavy-duty wrapping to alleviate the issue. I needed shoes and thought I was doomed to a life of unattractive shoes - then the shoe seller brought out two pairs of the cutest shoes I had seen. They were perfect and I bought them both. The next season I decided to check online for Earth Shoes and was pleasantly surprised to see all the fashionable styles. I would actually be able to wear cute shoes in every season! You have made me very happy that I can now truly enjoy shopping for shoes. Comfort was a major issue my whole life, and Earth Shoes fill that criteria as well. I can choose any pair of Earth shoes from my wardrobe and wear them comfortably all day. I no longer suffer from foot and back pain due to uncomfortable shoes. Thank you so very much for making a shoe freak very happy. You have gained another very satisfied lifetime customer.

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