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The Most Comfortable Sneaker-like Shoes That I Have Ever Had
Davina | Vancouver, Canada
Thank you Earth for adding another responsible, fashionable and well-priced choice!

I want to start by saying that my 50th birthday is arriving next month and although age is just a number for me, it is a milestone in my life that I celebrate. I have had some big life changes so far in 2019 that have prompted me to re-evaluate what I believe in and what direction I’d like to go in the coming years. Being authentic and connectedness is hugely important to me, not just in my home life, but also professionally and environmentally. This has taken the form of me having a huge ‘clear out’ in all aspects of my life and embracing minimalism; buying just what I need and making conscious decisions about what retail companies I want to support. I keep only what is useful or ‘sparks joy.’ I went shopping with my daughter and came across Earth’s ‘Zeal’ black metallic leather lace ups…truly the most comfortable sneaker-like shoes that I have ever had. They support my long, bony flat feet perfectly and when I read about the Earth company’s commitment to sustainability and giving back, I was sold! Bonus, they didn’t look like your typical mom runners, there is still a little cool-mojo left in me! I recently heard fashion designer say, “Fashion is our chosen skin, it’s how we communicate to the world about who we are.” I want my choices to reflect my conscious and mindful commitment to sustainability and Earth brand fits this well. I have been reading articles about ‘fast fashion’ and together with my family, we have been watching documentaries about the true cost of fashion. We in our more privileged societies are sheltered from the unpleasant realities of our retail choices. Then there is the environmental fallout. As a teacher, my goal is to spread knowledge and support independent thinking. In my elementary classroom, we are exploring the effect of consumer choices on the environment and we are looking at the journeys our products take to get to us as well as the lives involved in what we wear and what we eat. I want to teach my students that there is always a choice and a consequences. As consumers and we can influence those consequences for the better. Thank you Earth for adding another responsible, fashionable and well-priced choice!

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