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Immediately Fell in Love with Comfort, Color and Style
Clover | Philadelphia, PA
Thank you Earth Shoes for allowing my Illness and health to be at ease just by wearing great comfortable shoes.

My Earth story intertwines with my very well-being and health. My mom introduced me to Earth shoes through an on air retailer(QVC), so I decided to try them. I bought a pair of boots from Earth not knowing how comfortable they would actually be. As I continued to shop for shoes in general, I realized NOTHING compared to Earth's orthotic/built in power footbed. I felt/feel like I am walking on a smooth sailing cloud gliding towards heaven when I wear them. You see, I was born with Sickle Cell Anemia and as I got older I realized that I could not wear flat, uncomfortable, non-wellness shoes anymore. Generic based shoes with no thought to the wearers health have no comfort or stability with them. Those boots were my very first pair of Earth shoes by Earth Origins, a pair of tall shafted leather boots with a lug heel bottom. I immediately fell in love with the comfort, color and style that the boot carried. The pain from my SCA subsided greatly because I was wearing a pair of Earth shoes that did not cause pain and tension throughout my body. I have since learned that Earth takes the top spot in wellness shoes. Earth Shoes by far has the BEST built in orthotic/power footbed in any shoe I own. I now have about 8 pairs of Earth/Earth Origin shoes and because of that, my health has greatly improved. To know that something so mediocre & small to most people (wearing a shoe) could have such a big impact on my life means everything to me. We should never discount the mundane random everyday things in our lives like buying shoes. Thank you Earth Shoes for allowing my Illness and health to be at ease just by wearing great comfortable shoes.

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