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I Can Wear Comfort and Style
Nancy | Salisbury, MA
My soul is happy with their sole.

Their Sole is good for my Soul! I can finally move and love what I'm doing because when your feet are happy, you're happy. Earth Shoes tend to have a thick sole with the much needed cushion and are made little wider than any ordinary shoe. As an older woman, I have arthritic, fallen arches with one foot wider than the other. I'm loving my Earth Shoes for the fit and the style. I can finally move without the pain and the back pain it can cause when wearing anything of style. Usually when you suffer with problem feet you don't have a choice to wear anything with style. And they aren't crazy expensive like most shoes with both comfort and style so as my budget allows, I look for a deal. With Earth Shoes I can wear comfort and style. So now I choose Earth Shoes and boots - in-store, online, yard sale, gift or however I can acquire them. My soul is happy with their sole.

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