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Heels Tortured My Flat Feet Until Earth
Wendy | Seattle, WA
It became my favorite since I owned them.

I am 5'1 in height. I like wearing skirts so much, having tights with different colors to match them is a must. It looks great when it goes with a pair of heels. Unfortunately, most of my heels tortured my feet properly because I got flat feet. When I walked too much they got my feet hurt, the Earth is an exception. It is a combination of elegance and comfort. I enjoy wearing it for a long day, especially for a date. It became my favorite since I owned them. My husband worked in Seattle. We will have a wedding banquet in Hong Kong soon. I also bought one pair of Earth for my 83-year-old grandma. It will be great if she can wear them for my wedding. I wish there were retail shops in Hong Kong, so I can share this piece of comfort with all my family an friends.

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