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Finally Found the Shoe Brand that Works Best For My Feet
Deana | Austin, TX
Will I ever stop loving Earth shoes probably not!

I finally found the shoe brand that works best for my feet! Let me back up a little bit though. My parents bought me and my younger brother a pair of original Earth shoes back in 1972 - 1974 (can’t remember exact date!) But it was an experience of a lifetime with the “strange” heel that was lower than the rest of the shoe and the odd shape of the toe area. We bought them in natural brown smooth leather - we were all that and a bag of chips! Fast forward to now, and I’m currently wearing a two inch heel Earth Marietta Capella sandal! One of THE most comfort sandals with heels I have ever worn. I have also recently purchased regular leather walking Earth shoes and a pair of leather booties, and some flat sandals. Bottom line: I love Earth shoes and am very happy when I wear them

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