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Finally Found Shoes that Changed My Life
Kaylee | Boston, MA
I love them so much and they have changed my life!

"I am a 20-year-old college student. I have struggled with flat feet my whole life and the biggest difficulty has been finding cute shoes with support. I don’t like the way my feet look in a lot of shoes and I was hoping by this point of my life I could possibly have surgery to fix the problem; however, I don’t have a severe enough case. The only solution is to wear tennis shoes with orthotic inserts but I love fashion and tennis shoes are not always the most fashionable. I have searched for years for cute orthotic flats and sandals. Most of the time they are so bulky and not something a young woman necessarily wants to wear. Last fall I ran across your brand and ordered a pair of flats just to try. Every time I wear flats they gap at the sides and don’t fit well. When I tried on the flats I ordered I was in tears because it was my first time wearing flats that I actually felt confident in. I bought another pair of flats and a pair of sandals. I love them so much and they have changed my life! "

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